#177 Generations

Although a famous name can open some doors, it’s not always easy following in the footsteps of a great artist. Many children of great composers and performers have chosen to go a different route altogether, but others have found their own artistic identity. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Sergei Prokofiev: Vision Fugitives Op. … Continue reading #177 Generations

#176 Mailbag Round-up

Our quarterly foray into the joyous, overflowing mass of music that is the Relevant Tones mailbag will feature highlights from the newest releases by composers from around the world. Rand Steiger: Elusive Peace (excerpt) Ben Reimer, drum set; Leanne Zacharias, cello New World 80747 2:24 Joseph Schwantner: Looking Back: I. Scurry About… Jennie Oh Brown, … Continue reading #176 Mailbag Round-up

#175 Bright Sheng

Chinese composer Bright Sheng grew up hearing traditional Chinese music but became fascinated by Western classical music. As a composer, he’s forged a highly successful career blending both sound worlds into a fascinatingly distinctive sonic identity. Bright Sheng: H’un Lacerations (excerpt) New York Chamber Symphony/Gerard Schwartz New World 80407 1:06 Sheng: Dance Capriccio Shanghai Quartet; … Continue reading #175 Bright Sheng

#174 Shulamit Ran

Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Shulamit Ran crafts music of an intimately personal nature, making her one of the most often performed composers of her generation. We’ll talk with Shulamit about her music, the Contempo music series, and her legacy at the University of Chicago, where she was a highly regarded professor for many years. Hosted by … Continue reading #174 Shulamit Ran