#175 Bright Sheng

Chinese composer Bright Sheng grew up hearing traditional Chinese music but became fascinated by Western classical music. As a composer, he’s forged a highly successful career blending both sound worlds into a fascinatingly distinctive sonic identity.

Bright Sheng: H’un Lacerations (excerpt)
New York Chamber Symphony/Gerard Schwartz
New World 80407

Sheng: Dance Capriccio
Shanghai Quartet; Peter Serkin, p.
Naxos 970235

Sheng: Three Chinese Love Songs
  “Blue Flower”
  “At the Hillside Where Horses are Running”
  “The Stream Flows”

Lisa Saffer, soprano; Paul Neubauer, viola; Bright Sheng, piano
New World 80407

Sheng: The Blazing Mirage
Hong Kong Philharmonic/Sheng; Trey Lee, cello
Naxos 8570610

Sheng: String Quartet No. 4, Silent Temple, III
Shanghai Quartet
BIS 1138

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