#396 Michael Hersch

Called a composer of “uncompromising brilliance” by the Washington Post, Michael Hersch is considered among the most gifted composers of his generation whose work has been described by The New York Times as “viscerally gripping and emotionally transformative music ... claustrophobic and exhilarating at once, with moments of sublime beauty nestled inside thickets of dark virtuosity.”  Host Matthew Dosland … Continue reading #396 Michael Hersch

#393 Cassie Wieland/Vines

Host Austin Williams talks with Cassie Wieland about the intersection of her classically informed compositional techniques and her newest endeavor into singer songwriter material. Her latest album ‘Birthday Party’under the moniker Vines is a collaboration with the saxophone quartet ~nois. We discuss this collaboration and how there are a lot of similarities between standard classical … Continue reading #393 Cassie Wieland/Vines

#391 dana jessen and taylor brook

Bassoonist Dana Jessen and composer Taylor Brook team up for a collaborative album length electro-acoustic work, Set, that combines through composed (Songs) and improvised sections.  Much attention in the the composed sections is devoted to an exploration of a range of extended techniques on the bassoon that Jessen has cultivated. The improvised sections are framed … Continue reading #391 dana jessen and taylor brook

#387 Overlooked: Tui St george tucker

Expanding on our recent live show Overlooked No More, we are featuring the music of Tui St. George Tucker, a composer who absolutely deserves to be better known. Host Seth Boustead talks with Roger Tréfousse and Robert Jurgrau, both of whom knew Tucker in person, about her life and music. MUSIC Four Little Pieces for … Continue reading #387 Overlooked: Tui St george tucker

#386 Raíces Imaginadas

Raíces Imaginadas (Imagined Roots) presents four works written by Tomás Koljatic, @Igor Marques, @Felipe Pinto d’Aguiar, and @Vicente Atria, performed by the Nuevo Mundo Baroque Orchestra (Chile). The idea was to frame writing for historical instruments in contemporary perspectives; its title alludes to this notion and suggests a music that is speculative, nonexistent, or historically … Continue reading #386 Raíces Imaginadas

#384 Tina Davidson

Tina Davidson creates music that stands out for its emotional depth and lyricism. She has been acclaimed for her authentic voice, her “vivid ear for harmony and colors” (New York Times) and her works of “transfigured beauty” (OperaNews). Winner of the prestigious PEW Fellowship, Davidson has been commissioned and performed with performers and ensembles such as Hilary Hahn, Kronos Quartet, … Continue reading #384 Tina Davidson

#383 In Memorium: Kaija Saariaho

Kaija Saariaho was a force to be reckoned with in the new classical music world: an innovator in so many ways while maintaining the highest musical integrity. From her early work at IRCAM to her operas and the many works she wrote for ensembles large and small, Saariaho developed a distinctly individual voice that was … Continue reading #383 In Memorium: Kaija Saariaho

#374 Viet Cuong

Called “alluring” and “wildly inventive” by The New York Times, the “irresistible” (San Francisco Chronicle) music of Vietnamese-American composer Viet Cuong (b. 1990) has been commissioned and performed on six continents. In his music Cuong enjoys exploring the unexpected and whimsical, and he is often drawn to projects where he can make peculiar combinations and sounds … Continue reading #374 Viet Cuong

#372 Amanda Deboer bartlett

Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, DMA is a soprano, improviser, composer, and organizer specializing in contemporary classical music. She is the founder of Quince Ensemble, an all-women contemporary vocal group, and Hasco Duo, an experimental improvisation and songwriting project. She is also a member of and program curator for Ensemble Dal Niente, a Chicago-based chamber orchestra that … Continue reading #372 Amanda Deboer bartlett