#73 Rome Prize

Once a year the American Academy in Rome holds a competition, honoring 15 emerging artists as well as 15 scholars from the US with the so-called Rome Prize. The winners are invited to the Academy, where they can thrive on the presence of cultural heritage as well as the exchange with the fellows from other … Continue reading #73 Rome Prize

#72 Modern-Day Moonlighters

Philip Glass is arguably the most famous plumber, mover and cab driver ever to work in New York. While not every example is that extreme, there are quite a few composers with day jobs – multitalented people, that advocate for their fellow composers, write, work in radio or have a Ph.D in neuroscience. Tune in … Continue reading #72 Modern-Day Moonlighters

#71 Saxophone Quartets

The saxophone quartet has been around a while, with pieces being written for it as early as 1857 (Jean Baptiste Singelee’s op. 53). After the rediscovery for jazz, it has made a comeback to classical music as well. We’re looking at some different takes on how to approach the ensemble. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by … Continue reading #71 Saxophone Quartets

#70 Invented Instruments

This week we explore modern music performed on recycled materials. From Harry Partch’s “Quadrangularis Reversum,” to Dean Drummonds’ “Zoomoozophone,” many recent composers have forsaken traditional instruments in favor of their own invented apparatuses. Enjoy an hour of new and unique sounds, reiterating the proverb that one man’s trash is indeed another man’s treasure. Hosted by … Continue reading #70 Invented Instruments