#72 Modern-Day Moonlighters

Philip Glass is arguably the most famous plumber, mover and cab driver ever to work in New York. While not every example is that extreme, there are quite a few composers with day jobs – multitalented people, that advocate for their fellow composers, write, work in radio or have a Ph.D in neuroscience. Tune in … Continue reading #72 Modern-Day Moonlighters

#29 Just Intonation

Today we leave the world of equal-temperament behind and explore various contemporary pieces written for instruments in just intonation. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Terry Riley: The Harp of New Albion- Premonition Rag (excerpt), Terry Riley, p.Michael Harrison: Just Ancient Loops, II, Maya Beiser, vc.Terry Riley: The Harp of New Albion- Cadence on … Continue reading #29 Just Intonation