#29 Just Intonation

Today we leave the world of equal-temperament behind and explore various contemporary pieces written for instruments in just intonation.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Terry Riley: The Harp of New Albion– Premonition Rag (excerpt), Terry Riley, p.

Michael Harrison: Just Ancient Loops, II, Maya Beiser, vc.

Terry Riley: The Harp of New Albion– Cadence on the Wind (excerpt), Terry Riley, p.

Lou Harrison: Serenade for Guitar– Air, David Tannenbaum, guitar

John Adams: Dharma at Big Sur– A New Day
BBC Symphony Orchestra/John Adams, conductor, Tracy Silverman, electric violin

Ben Johnston: Trio, Trio Amici

Kyle Gann: Fugitive Objects, Gann, piano

Martin Bresnick: Everything Must Go, II, Prism Saxophone Quartet

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