#370 Suzanne Farrin

Suzanne Farrin is a composer and performer of the ondes Martenot, an early electronic instrument created by the engineer Maurice Martenot in the 1920s as a response to the simultaneous destruction and technological advances of WWI.  Anthony Tommasini of the New York Times called her first opera, dolce la morte, a work of “shattering honesty.” Her debut … Continue reading #370 Suzanne Farrin

#369 Raquel Gonzalez

Chicago musician & composer Raquel Gonzalez has spent the last five years as a studio and live musician for various bands throughout the Midwest, often involved in the composing and arranging process. Their composition series, Sonic Creations with a Lyra-8 highlights a synthesized violin sound and duets between the instrument and a Lyra-8 synthesizer. About … Continue reading #369 Raquel Gonzalez

#368 Loadbang

Host Austin Williams chats with LoadBang ensemble members Andy Kozar and William Lang about their most recent Premieres concert. This is the 20th volume in this concert series where the ensemble continues to champion new works by composers at all stages of their career. The unique ensemble instrumentation allows for specific writing to showcase each … Continue reading #368 Loadbang

#367 Vivian Fung

JUNO Award-winning composer Vivian Fung has a unique talent for combining idiosyncratic textures and styles into large-scale works, reflecting her multicultural background.  Matthew Dotson talks with her about her upcoming opera and new string quartet projects with the Jasper Quartet. MUSIC String Quartet No. 1 mvmt 3 "pizzicato" (excerpt) - Performed by the Jasper Quartet … Continue reading #367 Vivian Fung