#394 On the Radar August 2023

It’s another On the Radar Episode! Austin and Matt take the listeners through some of their recent finds with tunes they have been interested in lately. We have a variety of works ranging from purely electronic to chamber music with some Toy Piano even sprinkled in there. Please enjoy this musical dialogue we have created! … Continue reading #394 On the Radar August 2023

#393 Cassie Wieland/Vines

Host Austin Williams talks with Cassie Wieland about the intersection of her classically informed compositional techniques and her newest endeavor into singer songwriter material. Her latest album ‘Birthday Party’under the moniker Vines is a collaboration with the saxophone quartet ~nois. We discuss this collaboration and how there are a lot of similarities between standard classical … Continue reading #393 Cassie Wieland/Vines

#392 Berio Inspires two new albums

We met violist Nathan Sherman at the New Music Dublin festival in April and were excited to learn that he had not one but two albums featuring commissioned music written as companion pieces to works by Luciano Berio. Host Seth Boustead talks with Sherman and features music from the albums Folk Songs featuring Michelle O'Rourke … Continue reading #392 Berio Inspires two new albums

#391 dana jessen and taylor brook

Bassoonist Dana Jessen and composer Taylor Brook team up for a collaborative album length electro-acoustic work, Set, that combines through composed (Songs) and improvised sections.  Much attention in the the composed sections is devoted to an exploration of a range of extended techniques on the bassoon that Jessen has cultivated. The improvised sections are framed … Continue reading #391 dana jessen and taylor brook