#397 One Page Scores

A one page score is where a composer imparts all of the musical information the performers need on a single page. One-page pieces often incorporate graphic elements, written instructions and improvisation from the players. Enjoy this program of one-page pieces curated by Sam Alvarez. MUSIC Joy Boy by Julius Eastman (excerpt) Thirteen Changes by Pauline … Continue reading #397 One Page Scores

#151 Terry Riley at 80

One of the key pioneers in the incredibly influential minimalist movement, Terry Riley is a restless artist who has constantly sought to reinvent himself over his long career.  We’ll start with the landmark piece In C and work our way through the numerous highlights of his musical output. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters … Continue reading #151 Terry Riley at 80

#96 String Quartet Plus

Ever since its creation by Haydn in the 18th century, the string quartet has been one of the preeminent vehicles for more musical innovation. This show features new directions for the string quartet, pairing the quartet with unusual other instruments like frame drum, alto flute and more. William Kraft: Music for String Quartet and Percussion, … Continue reading #96 String Quartet Plus

#29 Just Intonation

Today we leave the world of equal-temperament behind and explore various contemporary pieces written for instruments in just intonation. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Terry Riley: The Harp of New Albion- Premonition Rag (excerpt), Terry Riley, p.Michael Harrison: Just Ancient Loops, II, Maya Beiser, vc.Terry Riley: The Harp of New Albion- Cadence on … Continue reading #29 Just Intonation