#71 Saxophone Quartets

The saxophone quartet has been around a while, with pieces being written for it as early as 1857 (Jean Baptiste Singelee’s op. 53). After the rediscovery for jazz, it has made a comeback to classical music as well. We’re looking at some different takes on how to approach the ensemble.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Jon Raskin and Steve Adams – Radar 11/19/01
Rova Quartet, from the album Totally Spinning

David Maslanka – Recitation Book (mvt. 1, Broken Heart)
Red Line Quartet

Ben Hjertman – The Mares of ’33
Anubis Quartet

Amy Williams – Univocity
H2 Quartet, from the album Groove Machine

John Mackey – Unquiet Spirits
Zzyzx Quartet, from the album Intersections

Jon Raskin and Steve Adams – Preshrunk
Rova Quartet, from the album Totally Spinning

Steven Mackey – Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
PRISM Quartet

Lucie Robert-Diesel – Issos? (mvt. 2)
Premiere Quartet

Joe Duddell – Circle Square (mvt. 1)
Delta Quartet, from the album Facing Death

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