#176 Mailbag Round-up

Our quarterly foray into the joyous, overflowing mass of music that is the Relevant Tones mailbag will feature highlights from the newest releases by composers from around the world.

Rand Steiger: Elusive Peace (excerpt)
Ben Reimer, drum set; Leanne Zacharias, cello
New World 80747

Joseph Schwantner: Looking Back: I. Scurry About…
Jennie Oh Brown, fl.; Jeffrey Panko, p.
Innova 919

Russell Pinkston: e++
Elizabeth McNutt, fl.; Esther Lamneck, cl.
Ravello 7908

Walter Mays: – Dreaming Butterfly fr. String Quartet No. 2
Pro Arte Quartet
Albany 1469

Evan Chambers: The Firehose Reel
Scott Conklin, v.; Alan Huckleberry, p.
Troy 1546

Nathan Davis: Two Shadows fr. Simple Songs of Birth and Return
Doug Perkins, percussion
New Focus 126

Rand Steiger: Résonateur
Talea Ensemble
New World 80747

Michael Matthews: String Quartet No. 2, I
Clearwater Quartet
Ravello 7910

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