#177 Generations

Although a famous name can open some doors, it’s not always easy following in the footsteps of a great artist. Many children of great composers and performers have chosen to go a different route altogether, but others have found their own artistic identity.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Sergei Prokofiev: Vision Fugitives Op. 22, No. 18
Sergei Prokofiev, p.
Melodiya 1002000

Gabriel Prokofiev: Strong Quartet No. 2, II
Elysian Quartet
Nonclassical 003

Lisa Bielawa: Double Violin Concerto, II. Song
Boston Modern Orchestra Project/Gil Rose; Carla Kihlstedt, violin and vocals; Colin Jacobsen, v.
BMOP 1017

Herb Bielawa: “Nightland” fr. Stone Settings
Marian Marsh, soprano, Herb Bielawa, piano
Capstone 8643

Gabriel Kahane: The Fiction Issue, Part I
Brooklyn Rider; Shara Worden & Gabriel Kahane, vocals

Ramon Zupko: Piano Concerto, Windsongs, II
Kalamazoo Symphony/Yoshimi Takeda; Abraham Stokman, p.

Mischa Zupko: Eclipse
Sang Mee Lee, v.; Wendy Warner, vc.
Cedille Records

Gyorgi Ligeti: Piano Etudes, Book 1 No. 1

Pierre Laurent Aimard, p.
Sony 62308

Lukas Ligeti: Great Circle’s Tune I (excerpt)
Lukas Ligeti, percussion and electronic percussion
Tzadik 8054

Norman Dello Joio: Capriccio fr. City Profiles
Keystone Wind Ensemble/Jack Stamp
Klavier 11138

Justin Dello Joio: The March of Folly, I (excerpt)
Ani Kavafian, violin; Carter Brey, cello; Jeremy Denk, p.
Bridge 9220

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