#176 Mailbag Round-up

Our quarterly foray into the joyous, overflowing mass of music that is the Relevant Tones mailbag will feature highlights from the newest releases by composers from around the world. Rand Steiger: Elusive Peace (excerpt) Ben Reimer, drum set; Leanne Zacharias, cello New World 80747 2:24 Joseph Schwantner: Looking Back: I. Scurry About… Jennie Oh Brown, … Continue reading #176 Mailbag Round-up

#118 Art of the Spoken Word

It takes fine craftsmanship to achieve a perfect partnership between text and music in which neither element overshadows the other. This week, we’ll listen to a fascinating array of spoken word and music by composers striving to achieve this symmetry. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Scott Johnson: How it Happens (The Voice of … Continue reading #118 Art of the Spoken Word

#103 Joseph Schwantner

A master of orchestral timbre and an ardent individualist, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Joseph Schwantner has been one of the most prolific composers in the 20th and 21st centuries. He visits our studios to talk about his life and music. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Joseph Schwantner: Aftertones of Infinity Juilliard Orchestra/Slatkin 14:53 Schwantner: … Continue reading #103 Joseph Schwantner

#45 New Commissioning Models

From joint commissions to Kickstarter, the 21st century has brought new ways of hiring composers to write music. This week, we’ll look at some of the more unusual and innovative methods and the music that resulted and we'll chat with NewMusicUSA's Frank J. Oteri and Scott Winship. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Joan … Continue reading #45 New Commissioning Models