#265 Jennifer Koh

Virtuosic violinist Jennifer Koh is known for her commanding performances and technical assurance. Although she performs Tchaikovsky and Bach she’s interested in finding the connection between the arts and music of all eras from traditional to now. Jennifer Koh tells us about some of the 60 works that have been written especially for her including … Continue reading #265 Jennifer Koh

#224 Memory Palaces

A Memory Palace is a technique for memorizing long lists of names or places by associating each list item with an object in your imaginary “memory palace”. This is derived from the method of loci developed in ancient Greece and Rome. Many composers have been inspired by this technique and have written pieces with this … Continue reading #224 Memory Palaces

#146 Jennifer Higdon: Cold Mountain

Relevant Tones partners with the Santa Fe Opera to feature a sneak preview of Jennifer Higdon’s soon-to-be-premiered first opera, Cold Mountain, based on Charles Frazier’s best-selling novel. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Jennifer Higdon: String Poetic, III (excerpt) Jennifer Koh, v.; Reiko Uchida, p. Cedille 103 2:00 Jennifer Higdon: Cold Mountain (excerpts) “The … Continue reading #146 Jennifer Higdon: Cold Mountain