#146 Jennifer Higdon: Cold Mountain

Relevant Tones partners with the Santa Fe Opera to feature a sneak preview of Jennifer Higdon’s soon-to-be-premiered first opera, Cold Mountain, based on Charles Frazier’s best-selling novel.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Jennifer Higdon: String Poetic, III (excerpt)
Jennifer Koh, v.; Reiko Uchida, p.
Cedille 103

Jennifer Higdon: Cold Mountain (excerpts)
“The Metal Age has Come”
“A Fence is a Good Thing”
“I Don’t Know Why”
“Come Back to Cold Mountain”

Recorded live at the Guggenheim Museum, NYC, 3/30/2015
Jarrett Ott, baritone; Emily Fons, ms.; Isabel Leonard, ms.; Jay Hunter Morris, ten.; Kevin Burdette, bass; Roger Honeywell, ten.; Lisa Keller, p.
3:30, 3:21, 2:14, 2:53, 4:24,

Jennifer Higdon: Cold Mountain (excerpts)
“Why Can’t We?”
“What Was His Name?”
“Ada’s Aria”
“Orion Duet”

Recorded live at the Curtis Institute of Music
5:01, 2:54, 4:19, 2:32

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