#145 Letters From Ukraine

Relevant Tones has been carrying on a correspondence with several musicians in this war-torn region, where making music has recently been a challenge.  We’ll share their stories and feature chamber and orchestral works by composers determined to carry on.

Julia Gomelskaya: Planet “The Life” for String Orchestra and Piano (excerpt)
Kiev Camerata/Valeriy Matiukhin; Dmitry Tavanets, p.

Valentin Silvestrov: “World of Peace” fr. Songs for Vespers
“Our Father” fr. Psalms and Prayers
Kiev Chamber Chorus/Mykola Hobdych
ECM 001357402

Igor Shcherbakov: Sonata for Violin and Violoncello, I
Olga Akolishnova, v.; Zoltan Almashi, vc.

Vladimir Runchak: Hosanna, to musicians who are no longer or not yet with us (excerpt)
Yevhen Kalyuzhny, saxophones; Christian Orosko, perc.; Nataliya Chuprina, p.

Yevhen Stankovich: Concerto for Violin and Piano (excerpt)
Lemberg/Lviv Youth Orchestra/Volodymyr Sirenko; Valeriy Sokolov, v.

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