#224 Memory Palaces

A Memory Palace is a technique for memorizing long lists of names or places by associating each list item with an object in your imaginary “memory palace”. This is derived from the method of loci developed in ancient Greece and Rome. Many composers have been inspired by this technique and have written pieces with this … Continue reading #224 Memory Palaces

#219 Soundward: New Hits

Q2 Music’s Phil Kline joins us to chat about music that strikes a chord. The newest recordings that are certain to become a classic. Hosted by Seth Boustead and Phil KlineProduced by Sarah Zwinklis Music Double Happiness by Christopher Cerrone Duet with Shifting Ground by Meredith Monk Pavement Steps by Meredith Monk Dark, Light 2 by Meredith Monk Expectancy … Continue reading #219 Soundward: New Hits

#161 Composer Collectives

The twentieth century saw an interesting movement as composers banded together in collectives to help promote each other’s work. The movement has only gotten stronger in the twenty-first century with the rise of entrepreneurialism in classical music. We’ll feature the music of several composer collectives and take a close look at their inner workings. Hosted … Continue reading #161 Composer Collectives