#161 Composer Collectives

The twentieth century saw an interesting movement as composers banded together in collectives to help promote each other’s work. The movement has only gotten stronger in the twenty-first century with the rise of entrepreneurialism in classical music.

We’ll feature the music of several composer collectives and take a close look at their inner workings.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Ed Harsh: Not a Single Night’s Sky (excerpt)
New Millennium Ensemble
Albany 899

Greg Simon: Blood on the Curb
Stepan Rudenko, p.
Melos Music (San Francisco)- live recording

Timothy Edwards: The Conjecture
Antonin Hradil, v.; Ludmila Bubenícková, vc.; Lucie Kaucka, p.
Navona 5927

Belinda Reynolds: coming around?
New Millennium Ensemble
Albany 899

Eric Wubbels: Shiverer
Wet Ink Ensemble
Carrier Records

David Gordon: The Alchemist and the Cat-flap
Adam Summerhayes, v.; Catherine Summerhayes, p.
Sargasso 28036

Christopher Cerrone: Still Life with Arms Extended
Cerrone, p. & electronics
Pink Pamphlet 6

Carolyn Yarnell: Lapis Lazuli
New Millennium Ensemble
Albany 899

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