#268 Antecedents

There’s a subsection of contemporary music called ‘Musical Historicism;’ a genre of music that uses historical elements and revives them in modern works. From Minimalism to Totalism, Modernism to Post-Modernism to Neomodernism; we’re taking a look at pieces that influence contemporary compositions, either to mimic the past or to be the antithesis. Hosted by Seth … Continue reading #268 Antecedents

#181 Shanghai New Music Week Part 3

The Relevant Tones team travels to Shanghai for New Music Week, a relatively new but impressive festival held by the prestigious conservatory of music. This third in a four-part series features premiere performances of music by the guest composers. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Karlheinz Stockhausen: Stimmung (excerpts) Ensemble Vocal Sequence :47, 3:48 … Continue reading #181 Shanghai New Music Week Part 3

#142 Augusta Read Thomas

One of the leading composers of our time and an ardent promoter of new music throughout the world, Augusta Read Thomas is an artistic force to be reckoned with.   Championed by Pierre Boulez in her early years and later named composer-in-residence with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Thomas rose early to the top of her … Continue reading #142 Augusta Read Thomas

#136 Visual Aids

We’ve always been fascinated here at Relevant Tones with how our perceptions of music change when it’s paired with visual imagery. With that in mind we’re asking several prominent visual artists to suggest imagery to a wide variety of different pieces by living composers. Relax, close your eyes and enjoy the view! Hosted by Seth … Continue reading #136 Visual Aids

#109 Foster the Music: Darmstadt

One of the world’s most famous new music festivals has been held in Darmstadt since 1946. We’ll trace the festival from its beginnings through modern times and feature some of the seminal works that were premiered there. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Stockhausen: Kreuzspiel (excerpt) Alfred Schweinfurter, oboe; Wolfgang Marx, bass clarinet; David … Continue reading #109 Foster the Music: Darmstadt

#64 Stravinsky and Schoenberg: 100 Years Part II

This week in our exploration of the past 100 years of modernism in music we take a look at the legacy of Arnold Schoenberg. The 1912 performance of Pierrot Lunaire created a model of atonality that continues to influence modern composers in the present day. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Arnold Schoenberg – … Continue reading #64 Stravinsky and Schoenberg: 100 Years Part II

#28 Fall Season Preview

Seth previews some of the fantastic upcoming performances from Chicago new music groups, including CUBE, Access Contemporary Music, Dal Niente, and more. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Chinary Ung: Laughter Passes Over the Earth & Flying Mirrors fr. Seven Mirrors – Ensemble Dal NienteSebastian Currier: Ethereal & Charged from StaticAccess Contemporary MusicJimmy López: Avec … Continue reading #28 Fall Season Preview

#19 Pierre Boulez Notations

In his Notations, Pierre Boulez composed twelve short piano miniatures that contain a cosmos of sound and potentiality. After decades at the helm of the avant-garde, Boulez has set to work unlocking those inner possibilities through thoughtful orchestration and elaboration. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Olivier Messaien: Vingt regards sur l’enfant Jésus, Mvt. … Continue reading #19 Pierre Boulez Notations