#234 Bernard Rands

Pulitzer Prize winning composer, Bernard Rands shares his thoughts on his catalogue of over a hundred published works and recordings. From his 1963 premiere at Darmstadt to 1986 Kennedy Center Friedheim Award winning orchestral suites Le Tambourin, to his 2011 Chicago Symphony Orchestra commission, Danza Petrificada and beyond. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Sarah Zwinklis Music Tre Espressioni by Bernard RandsUrsula … Continue reading #234 Bernard Rands

#100 Sounds of Summer

The summer festival season is always a cornucopia of exciting premieres, new collaborations and famous composers and performers. We’ll feature the best of the best from around the globe Hosted by Seth Boustead and produced by Jesse McQuarters. Tarik O’Regan: Acallam na Senórach (An Irish Colloquy) Ireland Chamber Choir 2:30 George Crumb: “Swing Low, Sweet … Continue reading #100 Sounds of Summer

#64 Stravinsky and Schoenberg: 100 Years Part II

This week in our exploration of the past 100 years of modernism in music we take a look at the legacy of Arnold Schoenberg. The 1912 performance of Pierrot Lunaire created a model of atonality that continues to influence modern composers in the present day. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Arnold Schoenberg – … Continue reading #64 Stravinsky and Schoenberg: 100 Years Part II