#139 Ben Johnston

Acclaimed micro-tonal composer Ben Johnston is justifiably famous for his rigorous work ethic, attention to detail and for constructing a sound world entirely his own.

One of the few composers using just intonation who is also interested in writing rhythmic music, Johnston is a true original and we’re happy to shine the spotlight on this modern master.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Ben Johnston: String Quartet No. 9 (excerpt)
Kepler String Quartet
New World 80637

Johnston: String Quartet No. 3 (excerpt)
Kepler String Quartet
New World 80637

Johnston: Sonata for Microtonal Piano, I & II
Robert Miller, p.
New World 80203

Johnston: String Quartet No. 4, Amazing Grace
Kepler String Quartet
New World 80637

Johnston: Prelude, The Many Wines & The New Rule fr. The Tavern
John Schneider, voice & microtonal guitar
Microfest 5638254882

Johnston: Trio
Trio Amici
New World 80432

Johnston: Calamity Jane (excerpt)
Dora Ohrenstein, soprano; Mary Rowell, violin; Phillip Bush, synthesizer; Bill Ruyle, drum set
CRI 654

Johnston: String Quartet No. 10, III
Kepler String Quartet
New World 80693

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