#138 Out of Time

Ever since Ezra Pound’s famous advice to young artists, “make it new!” there has been a relentless interest in breaking new ground in art and music. But what about composers who are genuinely inspired by older forms like fugues, rondos, capriccios, even rags?

We’ll feature music by these “composers out of time” this week on Relevant Tones.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Lawrence Axelrod: Brandenburg Fantasia No. 5, V
Ensemble Nouvelle Epoque/Axelrod
Innova 876

Paul Chihara: Misty Fugue and Kleine Toccata fr. Bagatelles for Piano
Jerome Lowenthal, p.
Bridge 9417

Michael McLean: Suite for Viola and Orchestra, II
LSO/Francis; Meyers, vla.
Delos 3441

Lawrence Axelrod: Brandenburg Fantasia No. 2, II & III
Ensemble Nouvelle Epoque/Axelrod
Innova 876

Carl Vollrath: Past Recollections, I. Piazzolla in Paris
Michael Norsworthy, cl.; Yoko Hagino, p.
Navona 5988

Timo Andres: Mozart Coronation Concerto Re-Composition
Metropolis Ensemble/Cyr; Andres, p.
Nonesuch 534416

George Perle: Classic Suite
Michael Brown, p.
Bridge 9426

Reginald R. Robinson: Man Out of Time
Robinson, p.

Maria Newman: Concerto Grosso for String Orchestra, III
Malibu Coast Chamber Orchestra/Scott Hosfeld
Arts House Montgomery 1205203

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