#155 Above and Beyond

In recent years composers have become interested in the fact that the performers can do things on stage other than just play their instrument: stomp their feet, clap, play simple percussion, and even sing.  We’ll feature a variety of pieces from composers who ask musicians (who are not trained singers) to vocalize and supplement their … Continue reading #155 Above and Beyond

#9 Eighth Blackbird

Fresh off their 2012 Grammy win, the Chicago ensemble eighth blackbird stops by to discuss their latest album, recent premieres and performances across the globe. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Jennifer Higdon: ZakaThomas Albert: Thirteen Ways (excerpt)Frederic Rzewski: Les Moutons De PanurgeSteve Reich: Double Sextet (excerpt)Jennifer Higdon: Concerto for Sextet and Orchestra, On a WireSteven Mackey: Lonely … Continue reading #9 Eighth Blackbird