#155 Above and Beyond

In recent years composers have become interested in the fact that the performers can do things on stage other than just play their instrument: stomp their feet, clap, play simple percussion, and even sing.  We’ll feature a variety of pieces from composers who ask musicians (who are not trained singers) to vocalize and supplement their playing.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Leonard Bernstein: “Mambo” fr. West Side Story
Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela/Dudamel
DG 477745

Frederic Rzewski: De Profundis, section 1 & 2
Milton Schlosser, p.
Arktos 20043

Valentin Silvestrov: Drama Sonate for Violin and Piano
Cornelius Duffalo, v. Jenny Lin, p.
Koch 7740
:54, 4:37

Tom Johnson: Counting Duets
Tim Munro, vocals
Parlour Tapes+

Joseph Hallman: imagined landscapes: six Lovecraftian elsewheres
Inscape/Richard Scerbo
DSL 92170
1:36, 17:03

Martin Bresnick: Willie’s Way (excerpt)
Lisa Moore, p.
Troy 1184

Huang Ruo: Drama Theater No. 4, To the 4 Corners, Scene II (excerpt)
Naxos 8.559653

Steve Reich: Clapping Music (excerpt)
Pierre Laurent Aimard, hand claps
Teldec 86584

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