#372 Amanda Deboer bartlett

Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, DMA is a soprano, improviser, composer, and organizer specializing in contemporary classical music. She is the founder of Quince Ensemble, an all-women contemporary vocal group, and Hasco Duo, an experimental improvisation and songwriting project.

She is also a member of and program curator for Ensemble Dal Niente, a Chicago-based chamber orchestra that commissions and performs the music of living composers. The Bones Still Glow is a series of emotional ballads and intimate portraits written and collected over the past 16 years.

Bartlett says, “they traveled along with me as a young, touring classical musician, helped me reach back home when I needed it, or get lost in space when I needed that, chronicled my transformation into motherhood, and were a source of comfort during chaotic times.”


The Girl At the Tower

Catch and Release


The Bones Still Glow



It All Comes Back Around

Ammie’s Music Box


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