#349 Michael Oliva

Join Host Austin Williams as he interviews world-class composer Michael Oliva about his upcoming project for various interments playing with Tampura and fixed media.

Michael has been creating various collaborations with a variety of instruments for this project to create a diverse sound world for listeners to experience.

In the interview you will hear about Michael’s use of the Tanpura and how he manipulates and adjusts it to make it truly unique for this project.

Michael will have the chance to premier these works in an installation type event at ColorScape festival. More details and times in this link  https://michaeloliva.net/index.php/colourscape/ 


Tanpura with Richard – Viol de Gambe

Tanpura with Pedro – Bassoon

Tanpura with PAUL – OBOE

Tanpura with Jane – Harpsicord

Tanpura with Ewan – Bass and Alto Flute

Tanpura with JENNY – VIOLA

Tanpura with Hannah – Cello

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