#304 Texu Kim

Texu Kim writes music that’s fun, often humorous yet sophisticated, detailed and connected to his South Korean heritage in fascinating ways.

He’s also the only composer we know to offer “major-league cuteness” (Broadway World) while also demonstrating “surprising scope.” (San Diego Story)


Bounce!! – performed by Alarm Will Sound

Sonata Amabile – performed by Ju-young Baek, violin and Ilya Rashkovskiy, piano
1) Kki, Allegro
2) Mo, Larghetto
3) Mu, Presto

Homage to Anonymous Ancient Fiddlers – performed by Ju-young Baek and Gyehee Kim

Blow, Fly, Pop!! – performed by the Korean National Symphony

Musical inspirations for Sonata Amabile

mvmt 1. traditional folk songs from Gyeonggi-do province in Korea which were commonly performed by Gisaeng

Movement 2 (Mo) – Buddhist prayer

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