#294 New Focus Recordings Part I

Since 2004 New Focus Recordings has put out dozens of wildly creative albums by some of the most interesting figures in contemporary classical music every year. We talk with founder Daniel Lippel and feature a small sample of their incredible catalog in the first of a two-part series.


Shard by Elliot Carter
– Performed by Daniel Lippel – guitar

Adjö by Kaija Saariaho
– Performed by International Contemporary Ensemble

Color Fields by Mikel Kuehn
– Performed by Flexible Music

Cotxes by Fernando Benadon
– Performed by Noah Getz, Nobue Matsuoka, Jacqueline Pollauf, Jeffrey Chappell

Passing Through, Staying Put by Christopher Trapani
– Performed by Longleash

La Folia Variants mvmts 1 and 3 by Nils Vigeland
– Performed by Daniel Lippel – guitar

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