#274 Pandemic Dances

Composers and performers are finding incredibly creative ways to continue connecting and making great music in the midst of a global pandemic. Seth talks with composers Suzanne Farrin, Gene Pritsker, Carlos Simon, Liza Sobel and Greg Bartholomew as well as countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo and American Composers Orchestra’s Artistic Director Derek Bermel. 

Nacht (excerpt) by Suzanne Farrin
    Performed by: Suzanne Farrin, ondes Martenot
                               Alice Teyssier, voice
                               Ross Karre, percussion
                               Randall Zigler, bass
                               Nuiko Wadden, harp
                               Ryan Streber, audio engineer

Pandemic Dance #32 and #30 by Gene Pritsker

     Performed by: Carson Cooman, organ
                                Kristof Knoch – bass clarinet
                                Gene Pritsker – electric guitar

Another Rising by Carlos Simon
Presented as part of American Composers Orchestra’s Connecting ACO Community 

     Performed by: Anthony Roth Constanzo, counter tenor
                                Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Dianne Berkun Menaker – Founder, Artistic Director
                                Brian Losch, sound editing and mixing

Reverse Forward by Liza Sobel

    Performed by the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Ken-David Masur – conductor

Fire and Ice and Prairie Spring by Greg Bartholomew
    Performed by: Matt Curtis

Useless Machines for Thinking, Dreaming, Feeling
mvmt 3 Mind Fire by Seth Boustead

    Performed by Ford Fourqurean – bass clarinet
                               David Keller – cello
                               Henry Zheng – violin

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