#273 What’s the Narrative?

Narrative is an important aspect of both music and storytelling. Seth will talk with composers Nathalie Joachim and David T. Little and writer J. Robert Lennon about how they structure their music and stories.

We’ll hear music performed by cellist Nicholas Photinos and pianist Yasuko Oura and chat with them about their perspectives on narrative structure in the works they’re performing.

Air Date: May 1, 2020 8:00 EDT
Location: The comfort of your couch (though we know you’re probably sick of that by now)

This program was streamed live to Facebook and YouTube. Don’t worry, we were all safe at home…

What’s the Narrative? – Part 1

Dam Mwen Yo by Nathalie Joachim
Whitespace by Seth Boustead
Sonnets by Andrew Norman

  1. with shifting change
  2. to be so tickled
  3. my tongue-tied muse
  4. so far from variation
  5. confounded to decay

    Song of Songs by Karen Tanaka
    and the sky was still there by David T. Little

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