#244 World Music Days: Vancouver Part 2

The International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) holds arguably the world’s most important contemporary music festival in a different city each year. Much like the Olympics, cities bid to be the host and this year it’s in Vancouver.

In this second program of two, we hear from Canadian composer, Jennifer Butler, Lituanian composer, Sabina Ulubeanu, young American composer, Robert J Coe, and more, all performed by Vancouver’s best musicians.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Sarah Zwinklis


Klee Wyck Woman, by Jennifer Butler
Emily Carr Quartet; Marion Newman, mezzo soprano

Tonight My Shadow Sinks Into the Wall, by Vytautas Germanavicius
Müge Buyukcelen, violin

Vox Terminus, by Frederik Gran
NOW  Society Ensemble; JP Carter, trumpet; Joshua Zubot, violin; Lisa Cay Miller, piano; James Meger, bass; Skye Brooks, drums

Gestalt X, by Frederick Neyrinck
Bozzini Quartet

Freycinet, by Robert J Coe
Emily Carr Quartet

Cadenza lirica, by Sabina Ulubeanu
Müge Buyukcelen, violin

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