#243 World Music Days: Vancouver Part 1

The International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) holds arguably the world’s most important contemporary music festival in a different city each year.  

Much like the Olympics, cities bid to be the host and this year it’s in Vancouver.  In this first program of two, we hear from Jordan Nobles, Charlotte Bray, Jocelyn Morlock, and Stefan Prins. 

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Sarah Zwinklis


Skywriting, by Jordan Nobles
Redshift Vertical Orchestra & Electric Guitar Orchestra

At the Speed of Stillness, by Charlotte Bray
Aldeburgh World Orchestra; Sir Mark Elder, conductor

Lux Antiqua, by Jordan Nobles
The Esoterics; Eric Banks, conductor

My Name is Amanda Todd, by Jocelyn Morlock
Canada’s National Arts Centre Orchestra; Alexander Shelley, conductor

Hände Ohne Orte, by Stefan Prins
Hamburg-based Decoder Ensemble; Carola Schaal, clarinets; Jonathan Shapiro,  percussion; Andrej Koroliov, piano; and Sonja Lena Schmid, cello

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