#157 Alvin Singleton

Critic Kyle Gann says “Singleton’s music is soulful, with an understated simplicity that I particularly prize. Despite the studied economy of his means and the set character of his images, the music is never cold … nor abstract. It glows with warmth.”

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Alvin Singleton: Jasper Drag (excerpt)
Ted Gurch, cl.; Helen Hwaya Kim, v.; Laura Gordy, p.
Albany 1501

Singleton: After Fallen Crumbs
Atlanta Symphony/Louis Lane
First edition 43

Singleton: Argoru Va
Ted Gurch, bs. clar.
Albany 1501

Singleton: Sweet Charlottle
Doug O’Connor, sax.; Angel Hsiao, fl.: Julietta Curenton, fl.; Harrison Hollingsworth,
bsn.; Lionel Cottet, vc.
Albany 1501

Singleton: In My Own Skin (excerpt)
Laura Gordy, p.
Albany 1501

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