#130 In the Field: Seoul Part 2

The second in our two-part series featuring composers and performers from Seoul, South Korea.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Eunwa Lee: Roadsound (excerpt)
Sun-in Jung, piano

Shinuh Lee: Chorale Fantasy No. 3
Hyojung Huh, piano
Dux 1129

Dong-Il Sheen: Fantasy on a Korean Fisherman’s Song for Korean traditional ensemble, violin, cello and piano
Ensemble/Dong-il Sheen

Cheonwook Kim: Descent into the Bottomless Abyss
Ki Chung Bae, piano; Ji Eun Han, cello
ECLAT 09021

Hyukjin Shin: Night Flight (excerpt)
Jae-Lin Park, violin; Song Hee Yang, clarinet; Yeonjin Kim, cello; Sunah Lee, piano

Uzong Choe: Piano Prelude No. 8
Sooyeon Lim, piano

Jun-il Kang: Concerto for Samulnori and Orchestra, Madang (playground) I
Suwon Philharmonic Orchestra/Chi-yong Chung; Kim Duk Soo Samulnori

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