#129 In the Field: Seoul Part 1

Relevant Tones goes in the field to this hotbed of contemporary classical music- Seoul, South Korea- to discover emerging and established composers. In part I we’ll chat with the composers and showcase the dynamic music scene there.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Jesse McQuarters

Sue Hye Kim: Rendezvous I for Gayageum and Violoncello (excerpt)
Hee Jung Kim, gayageum; Gi Jung Bae, cello

Sung Ho Hwang: Nori for violin and violoncello (excerpt)

Sung Ho Hwang: Triskellion
Hyun-joo Ko, Hye-jung Kang and Lairent Techeney, harpsichords

Do-Won Yu: Action Painting
Anne Baumbach, flute; Borja Manzan, percussion

Gon Hwang: Wimbo Diplos (excerpt)
Ensemble Interactive Tokyo/Yuki Morimoto

Man Bang Yi: String Quartet No. 2, V
Bethesta String Quartet

Geonyong Lee: “Eli, Eli Lama Sabtani” from the Passion of Jesus Christ
Ok Joo Park, organ; Seon Ok Kim, piano; Jae Hyun Yun and Narea Kim, percussion; Village of Music Chorus; Chang il Park, Evangelist; Cheol Chang, Jesus/Junchel

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