#401 Relevant Tones Live: commercialism in Art

What is art worth and who determines its value? Join host Seth Boustead and special guests composer Douglas J. Cuomo (operatic adaptation of Doubt; Sex and the City theme), art curator Tod Lippy (Esopus magazine) and filmmaker Juliet Ellis (The Virtues) for a lively discussion of this pertinent topic. The music performed includes Cuomo's piece A Far Playground for cello and piano, Commercial Etudes by Will Rowe and Nivea Hair Care … Continue reading #401 Relevant Tones Live: commercialism in Art

#352 Composer Alive Album Release

Access Contemporary Music's latest album features music commissioned as part of their innovative project Composer Alive. Each piece was composed in short installments and rehearsed and recorded in real time as they were received. Host Seth Boustead features a sample of this fascinating music. MUSIC Sunshowers by Jane O'Leary (mvmts 1 and 2) De Ánimos … Continue reading #352 Composer Alive Album Release