#140 Drum Kit: Problem Child

It’s essentially just a conveniently placed grouping of popular percussion instruments and yet, the drum kit is often cited as the dividing line between popular music and classical. We’ll examine how composers are using the drum kit today and what impact it’s having on genre boundaries. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Ted Hearne: … Continue reading #140 Drum Kit: Problem Child

#123 Payton MacDonald: Super Marimba

Percussionist Payton MacDonald calls Super Marimba the nexus point of all of his artistic activities. Featuring influences from jazz and classical to Hindustani and improvisational music, this is the marimba as you’ve never heard it before. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Jesse McQuarters Ravi Shankar: Raga Bhimpalasi Shankar, sitar Sony 66919 1:41 Purchase Payton MacDonald: … Continue reading #123 Payton MacDonald: Super Marimba