#400 Relevant TOnes Celebrates 400 episodes

We celebrate our 400th episode by revisiting some of our favorite interviews to include new material that didn't make it into the original show. Music and conversation from Annie Gosfield, Felipe Perez Santiago, Mario Lavista, David Harrington and Nick Zoulek. Viva Relevant Tones! MUSIC Three Secular Dances by Mario Lavista (excerpt) War of the Worlds … Continue reading #400 Relevant TOnes Celebrates 400 episodes

#331 Nick Zoulek

Versatile saxophonist, composer and improviser Nick Zoulek specializes in an innovative technique that allows him to play multiple notes at the same time or use multiple techniques at the same time. Fluent in a wide range of idioms, Zoulek creates highly charged, often beautifully kinetic music that hits hard. Hosted by Austin Williams.  MUSIC These … Continue reading #331 Nick Zoulek