#241 Kontras Quartet Live in Studio

A special broadcast with Chicago's Kontras Quartet, a group that has been blending the line between classical and folk music since 2009. On this program we’ll hear folk-inspired repertoire from South Africa to Japan back home to the Midwest. Hosted by Seth BousteadProduced by Sarah Zwinklis Music Strum by Jessie Montgomery String Quartet No. 1 … Continue reading #241 Kontras Quartet Live in Studio

#107 Finding the Bridge

Founded in 1981 by enterprising guitarist and tireless contemporary music promoter David Starobin, Bridge Records was one of the first-ever contemporary music labels and is still going strong today.   Their adventurous spirit and admirable devotion to sonic clarity has garnered them no fewer than 20 Grammy nominations over the years. Tune in to hear why. … Continue reading #107 Finding the Bridge