#405 Text-Based Scores

Over the past century, verbal notation has been embraced as a means of composition with abundant possibilities. Varying from the most precise performance instructions to structured social meditation, composers have found unique and highly accessible ways to share their music with words. 

Join co-hosts Austin Williams and Stephen Anthony Rawson as they survey a variety of music featuring verbal notation. 


superstition’s willing victim, Joseph Kudirka, performed by MicroMarcoMezze

Piano Piece #13 (Carpenter’s Piece [for Nam June Paik], George Maciunas, performed by Sonic Youth

The Entrance (excerpt), Robert Ashley, performed by Stephen Anthony Rawson

Pendulum Music, Steve Reich, performed by Joan Cerveró, Víctor Trescolí, Isabel León, and Estefanía Sánchez

VideoRoom1000, Patrick Liddell

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