#375 Ben Roidl-Ward

Ben Roidl-Ward is a bassoonist interested in expanding the repertoire and possibilities of his instrument through collaboration, improvisation, and the exploration of unusual instrumental pairings. 

Ben’s dedication to working with and advocating for composers of his generation has led him to commission and premiere numerous works featuring the bassoon with the goal of broadening the repertoire and expanding the possibilities of the instrument.

Ben Roidl-Ward has begun a unique collaboration with lifelong friend and artist Ben Llewellyn (vagabondsketchbook) on a project called Moonhead. Please catch Ben at the following events in the Chicago area if you are free!

04/28/23 – Concert at the International Museum of Surgical Science

04/30/23 – Moonhead show at Fulton St. Collective

05/07/23 – collaboratively composed bassoon trio with Katie Young and Dana Jessen at Elastic Arts

Set List

For Dana – Ben Roidl-Ward Improvisation

Pregunta No. 4 – Quimera – Luis Fernando Amaya

Still Alive – Mathew Arrellin

QUALLE – Ben Roidl-Ward Improvisation

The Untitled –  José-Luis Hurtado ZAHNE – 

Ben Roidl-Ward Improvisation

Move – 

Ben Roidl-Ward Improvisation

Moonhead – 

Ben Roidl-Ward Improvisation

Interlude – 

Ben Roidl-Ward Improvisation

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