#358 Matt Mcbane’s Bathymetry with sandbox percussion

Sandbox percussion partners up with Composer/Performer Matt McBane on an 8-movement virtuosic underwater adventure. Drawing on classical minimalism, electronic production, ASMR Youtube videos, and the diverse landscape of ambient modular synth music, Bathymetry features McBane’s Moog synth with Sandbox Percussion on a mix of found instruments (mixing bowls, ping pong balls, glass bottles, etc.), orchestral percussion (vibraphone, tam tam, etc.), and drum sets.

‘Bathymetry’ is the study of the “beds” or “floors” of water bodies, including the ocean, rivers, streams, and lakes.. McBane began studying bathymetry as an ocean-obsessed teenage surfer. The bathymetry of the ocean floor is a key factor on how waves break. On the album, the bass synthesizer interacts with the treble percussion in ways reminiscent of how the ocean floor shapes the waves passing above.

Set List (all music by Matt McBane, performed by Sandbox Percussion)




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