#291 Heavy Metal String Quartets

We feature composers writing string quartets inspired by Heavy Metal in all its incarnations from Death Metal, Black Metal, Grindcore, Mathcore to Industrial Metal and more.


Concubine by Converge – arranged by Earl Maneein
– Performed by Seven Suns

Yama by Earl Maneein
– Performed by Seven Suns

Uncomfortable Poetics by Gene Pritsker
– Performed by Quartet Metadata

Epistasis by Maria W. Horn
– Performed by Linnea Hällqvist – violin, Knapp Brita Pettersson – violin, Maria Jonsson – viola, Natalia Goldmann – cello, Johanna Niederbacher – cello, Mats Erlandsson – electric guitar

Metal Elements by Nick Valsallo (mvmts 1 and 2)
– Performed by Friction Quartet

Recoil by Aeryn Santallan
– Performed by JACK Quartet

Heavy Sparks and Machinery by Annie Gosfield
– Performed by Flux Quartet and Talujon Percussion Quartet

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