#286 Tribeca New Music

For more than twenty years the Tribeca New Music Festival has brought bold new classical music infused with American pop culture to audiences in New York City and, after March 2020, to the world.

We talk with composer and Artistic and Executive Director Preston Stahly about their mission, history and creative pivots during the pandemic.


EDM Caprices #3 Dub Step by Sam Suggs
– performed by Sam Suggs – double bass

Jhula Jhule by Reena Esmail
– performed by Adam Marks – piano, Mary Rowell – violin

Sapphire by Preston Stahly
– performed by Jennifer Choi

Great Danger, Keep Out by Matthew Browne
– performed by Seven Suns

Fish Me a Dream by Jeremy Ajani Jordan
– performed by Jeremy Ajani Jordan – piano, Brandon Ridenour – trumpet

Sleeping Beauties by Meghan Burke
– performed by the Rhythm Method with James Moore – electric guitar

Homenatge by Tania León
– performed by Adam Marks – piano

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