#278 Music of Hong Kong

This is a pivotal moment for Hong Kong as it fights for political autonomy and searches for a national identity. Hong Kong has long been a global hub for artists and musicians but the future is uncertain.

We talk with Antony Dapiran, author of City on Fire: the Fight for Hong Kong, about the protest movement and William Lane, the founder of the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, and we feature the music of several composers active in Hong Kong’s burgeoning new music scene.

Violin Concerto No. 1 “Generation” by Austin Yip

Sailing, Along the Heart of Remembrance by Hin Yan Austin Leung

Quintessence by Fung Lam (excerpt)
Luminous by Fung Lam (except)

In and Out by Galison Lau

Vortex Illusion I. Hover Force by Mei-Fang Lin

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