#276 Is This Nois?

New music releases have slowed to a trickle, it’s true, but they haven’t stopped entirely!

Seth chats with four creative musicians and ensembles who have recently released wildly inventive new music including saxophone quartet Nois, Third Coast Percussion, Sunny Knable and Amy Wurtz.

Vaisseau Fantôme by Nikki Harlafti
Apertures by Matthew Arrellin
– Performed by Nois

Songs of the Redwood Tree by Sunny Knable
I. A California Song
– Performed by Scott Pool – bassoon, Stephanie Izzo – soprano, Natsuki Fukusawa – piano

Quartered by Ryan Lott
Part 1, 4, 8
– Performed by Third Coast Percussion

Songs and Dances by Amy Wurtz
II. Spitfire
III. Hurt
– Performed by Amy Wurtz – piano, Alyson Berger – cello

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