#271 Live at LPR: Jenny Lin Plays ICEBERG

Pianist Jenny Lin likes to test her limits. In 2006 she challenged composers to write virtuosic works for her in which they imagined that she had an eleventh finger. Not surprisingly, these pieces are now some of the hardest in the piano repertoire but she hasn’t rested on her laurels since then.

Her latest labor of love is the Etudes Project in which she is commissioning composers to write new etudes for her and then pairing them with famous etudes from the standard repertoire.

On January 17th Jenny will take the stage at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City for a live broadcast of Relevant Tones to perform volume 1 of the Etudes Project featuring works composed for her by the ICEBERG composers collective.

The ten composers of ICEBERG have written works that are incredibly challenging technically and yet always lyrical, rhythmic and often quite fun.

Most of the composers will be present to talk briefly about their inspiration and we’ll also hear from Jenny about how the project is evolving and what we’ll hear in future volumes.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Dan Goldberg

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