#250 Listening Party 2018

We invite some of our favorite musical friends to bring a new recording into the studio for listening, lively discussion and the joy of new discoveries. Seth sits down with violinist Doyle Armbrust and composers Kyong Mee Choi, Nomi Epstein, and Jeff Kowalkowski.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Sarah Zwinklis


In the Light of Air: I. Luminance, by Anna Thorvaldsdottir
International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)

In the Arms of Peril, by Scott A. Wyatt
Scott A. Wyatt, electronics

Brocade, by Linda Catlin Smith
Katelyn Clark, harpsichord; Luciane Cardassi, piano

Nonet (1969), by Herbert Brün
University of Illinois New Music Ensemble feat: David Barford; Darrell Dalton; John Fonville; William de Fotis; Charles Lipp; Jim Staley; Dana Thomas; James Thornton

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