#248 Nick Photinos

Founding cellist of Eighth Blackbird, Nick Photinos, joins us in WFMT’s Levin Studio in Chicago to play pieces from his first solo album.  

Nick worked with an exciting array of diverse composers on the album including David T. Little, Angélica Négrón, Florent Ghys, Andrew Norman and Bryce Dessner.

Hosted by Seth Boustead
Produced by Sarah Zwinklis


Lewisburg, by Bryce Dessner
Nick Photinos, cello

Sit and Dance, by Molly Joyce
Nick Photinos, cello

and the sky was still there, by David T. Little
Nick Photinos, cello

Panorama, by Angélica Negrón
Nick Photinos, cello

Petits Artéfacts, by Florent Ghys
Nick Photinos, cello

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