#233 Soundward: Time Travel

Over the years pop artists have been making the transition from guitar slaying Hair Rock to classical composers. Seth and Q2 Music’s Phil Kline feature musicians like Kip Winger, Billy Joel, Jonny Greenwood and Roger Waters.

Why are they making the transition and does it work?

Hosted by Seth Boustead and Phil Kline
Produced by Sarah Zwinklis and Hannis Brown


Prelude by Paul Lansky
Janus Trio

Antique Cadences by Paul Lansky
Janus Trio

Omaggio a Gesualdo by Eric Nathan
Momenta Quartet

Qui Tollis by Daniel Bjarnason
Los Angeles Percussion Quartet

Winter I by Xiaogang Ye
Bowling Green Philharmonia

Aura by Anna Thorvaldsdottir
Los Angeles Percussion Quartet

Interlude 6 by Paul Lansky
Janus Trio

Lament by Paul Lansky
Janus Trio

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